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Girls With Pens offers writing workshops for girls aged 9-17.

Our goals are:

  • to introduce girls to the work of important authors

  • to inspire them to write stories

  • to stretch their imaginations

  • to boost confidence

  • to expand a sense of community by sharing work

  • to look at the world through another's point of view



Prompts are fun and creative and keep students from becoming bored or discouraged. Many children (and adults) hate writing because they "don't have any ideas" or "don't know what to write about." Girls With Pens uses props, games, and the work of celebrated authors to start each writing assignment. In a Girls With Pens workshop the challenge is to get the kids to STOP writing when time is up.


We encourage all our participants to share their work with other students. We feel that sharing not only strengthens presentation skills and boosts confidence but allows young writers to understand the infinite ways a story may be told.


Shy students are not forced to share but our experience is after a few days in a Girls With Pens workshop, most students are excited to stand and share their pieces.

Workshops culminate in a performance for parents, either on the last day of class or during a specially arranged assembly. Students share one or two pieces that they have written and revised during the workshop.

With the parents' and student's permission, workshop participants will have their work published on the Girls With Pens blog.

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