Girls With Pens in Central Austin

We had six amazing young writers in this camp. I kept having to extend the writing time because the girls wouldn't put down their pens! I heard about the continents being split and relocated in space, the ghost of a fire dancer, and a prince so hot that women who wanted to marry him would die of heat exhaustion. Please enjoy these stories. They are a small sample of the remarkable work that the campers created this week. _______________________________ Me and My Mom by Evan Allbriton This morning something strange happened. It all started with wobbliness in my legs all the way up with how I spoke. I didn’t know what to think until I saw my 10-year-old self standing in front of the kitchen co

Girls With Pens at The Writing Barn

This was Girls With Pens first time at The Writing Barn, and it was a very special week. The beautiful location and peaceful environment offered extra inspiration to an already extraordinary group of writers. The girls created stories about everything from dresses made of live butterflies to anthropomorphic wolves to a school full of snakes wearing Donald Trump toupees. I hope the girls enjoyed themselves as much as I did. They are full of talent and bursting imaginations. ________________________________ A Tour of Lila’s Mind by Lila Clifton You want to start in Pizza. Army crawl through the stuff, then cannonball into Surfing. After you are done there, fly into Winning. Zipline into Family

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