Girls With Pens, East Austin June 2017

What a great week! This was a group of nine girls who wrote with intensity and passion. Among other things, we heard about a killer fluffamudoodle, an arrogant green gorilla and a mysterious Shadow Huntress. I was knocked out by the girls' metaphors, similes and overall imagery. These campers make me excited about the future of writing! *** Clone By Alexa Borden She was ten years old before she met her first clone. I hated myself for it. Why so young?! My little sister didn’t mean to. People that young make mistakes, and I tried to tell them that. All of the fighting got me nowhere. The cops took my sister, not sure why, and left me staring at the inside of a cell. I had taken not just one s

East Austin Kids With Pens (May 30-June 2)

We had a small but very lively camp to kick off summer 2017. Liam, Indra and Chiara wrote their hearts out, consistently keeping us on the edge of our seats with cliffhanger endings. I can't wait to see what these young writers come up with next! The Web by Liam Harris Once there was a fully black spider who worked at the Empire State Building. It was hard working there. He had to sweep the floors, pick up the trash, and take pictures of visitors. But sadly, he didn’t have a web like all the other spiders did. He wished he had one, but his dreams never came true. One day, he decided he would try to build a web. He tried his hardest but only made a tiny a one. The harder he tried, the better

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