Comedy Writing with Wendi Aarons Session Two - August 3-7

We were busy this week, learning about all types of humor and writing various jokes, sketches, advertisements, and puns. We talked a lot about parody and watched an SNL clip of “The Office in Japan.” The kids were focused, funny, and really keyed into what’s funny. - Wendi Aarons __________ Cai Blachor Rees Top 8 Rejected Disney Movies 8. The Life and Love of Super Mario 7. Cinderella and Her Old Age  6. The Little Mermaid Can’t Breathe Underwater 5. The Aristocats Get Chased by Dogs 4. What Really Happened to Robin Hood 3. High School Musical The Sequel: Retirement Home Musical 2. The Princess and the Worm 1. The Lion King Explained: Why Scar Did It Alternate Names A cat  = a flea infest

Comedy Writing with Wendi Aarons Session One (July 27-31)

We laughed a lot this week, and wrote puns, billboards, brilliantly creative sketches, and lots of other funny pieces. The kids loved watching “Who’s On First?” They also greatly enjoyed squirrel humor. Who knew squirrels were so funny? - Wendi Aarons —————————— Jayne Cooper Translation Guide Sandwich = ham on toast Watching TV = staring at boxes Cat = feline human Car = Moving rectangle Mother = Nag machine Swimming = Splashy walking Billboard —————————— Maya Hinsdale Apocalypse Rats- Frozen in Time The force of the impact shattered their plastic cage, and the rats scurried around the quaking floor. Squealing, they scrambled out of the collapsing room and into the living area. They had run

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