Canyon Vista Middle School

Adora W., Alyssa Zhu and Helen Huang I write with these students privately every Sunday and what a joy they are to work with! They consistently surprise me with their depth and imaginations. Please enjoy a sample of their work below. Clouds By Helen Huang The truest thing is death. The softest thing is the dream world between sleep and waking. The most difficult thing is being the exact average. The highest thing is a tower of hopes and dreams. The bumpiest thing is the road of love. The easiest thing is going with the flow. The stickiest thing is a spiderweb of lies. The saddest thing is a child trying to wake her dead parents. The funniest thing is a contagious laugh. The happiest thing is

St. Andrew's Creative Writing Club Fall Semester 2014

Girls With Pens recently concluded a workshop at St. Andrew's Middle School. These girls were sharp, enthusiastic and full of beautiful writing. Please read their work below: _____________________________________ Beware, Children by Anna Jackson Huddle close to the fire. Warm your fingers and toes. Be a dear, Billy, and hold Suzie’s hand. My tale is sure to give her a fright. Beware, children, for I tell you now of a cold and dark night, and a little red hooded girl . . . familiar? I was clever, I was. As I began to weave and warp a tale to match this stormy night. It gave me great pleasure seeing Janie and Thomas and Dolly shiver and jump when my words were punctuated by a kathunk or a midw

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