Creative Writing with Natalia Sylvester 2019

This is the second summer that award-winning author Natalia Sylvester has taught for us. Her class is always a favorite. You only have to read the work below to know that Natalia inspires the imagination in unique and magical ways. Venusta Benét untitled “Ugh” I groaned as I slipped off the small emerald green couch I sleep on in my grandparents RV. I squint my eyes as I try to remember that strange dream that horrified me so much but it slips away much too fast. Just like all the dreams I have ever had. How could I not remember a dream that frightens me, horrifies me, terrifies me. Just disappear? I’m about to go back asleep but I hear extremely quiet whispers from the front. I strain my ea

Writing the Novel with Carolyn Cohagan 2019

We offered this class for the first time this year. Over the years, I had too many students telling me that they had already written multiple novels! I decided it was time to offer a class on how to write longer work. Some campers arrived with projects underway and some created brand new stories. Please enjoy these pieces, each of which could be the beginning of a very juicy novel. ___ The Fate of the Cursed By Alaira Banks How does the world change so fast? One day you're sitting in your room, listening to your favorite band reading a book. And the next, the world is in flames, you're running, trying to survive when everything wants to kill you. This was life on earth in the 23rd century.

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