East Austin Graphic Novel Camp

This week was the first ever Kids With Pens graphic novel camp, and we had a sensational time. The campers expressed emotions through color;

Girls With Pens at the Writing Barn, Summer 2017

We got to write for an entire week at the gorgeous Writing Barn! This 7-acre retreat offers peace, tranquility and even baby deer to inspire the imagination. Among other things, the campers wrote about characters stuck inside a video game, fashion in 200 years, and guides to their own brains. I had a blast working with them! Beware of darkness ahead: these girls are not afraid to create monsters and villains that will keep you up at night. Enjoy! *** Maple Street By Sarah A. It’s fair to say that Maple Street is not what you expected. You’ve barely just entered, and a chill travels up your spine. The houses around you have shuttered windows and turned-off lights. “Am I the only one here?” yo

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