Wimberley Kids With Pens Writing Camp

This was my second summer leading a workshop in Wimberley and, once again, I had a fantastic time with the talented young writers there. The theme of the week was "Where do we begin?" and we explored multiple ways that one can start a story: with a character, a first line, a setting, a genre, or even an emotion. No matter how they began, the kids came up with great material. Please enjoy their work below: Writing Under Water by Emily Cook Writing under water is hard. My pages keep getting soaked and ripped. I’m being swarmed by sharks. More and more keep coming. I think there is somewhere around 8 sharks. There’s one coming towards me and I think it might . . . Writing inside of a shark is n

Central Austin Kids With Pens Writing Camp

I'm not sure I could have found a livelier bunch of young writers if I'd tried. These campers were inexhaustible in their enthusiasm and came up with wilder and more inventive ideas each day. In their work below, you will discover evil wizards, peanut butter obsessed knights and a tour of the mind that includes a trip to Hamster Island. Enjoy! ______________________________________________________ My Name by Kailen Cohagan My name smells like the bitter and salty ocean. My name means ocean in Hawaiian. My name means keeper of the keys in Gaelic but my name is Irish. My name tastes like butter and salt, the extras to life. My name sounds like the soft but sometimes harsh wind. My name feel

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