Poetry and Imagination with Laurie Filipelli 2019

In one short week, this small tribe of fearless poets explored personal identity, studied objects intensely, wrote haiku and travelogues, and delved into the dreamy waters of surrealism. Best of all, we collaborated and generously shared our poems with whomever was lucky enough to cross our path. We all finished the week feeling smarter, more connected, and eager to write more. Forever we will be the Poetic 6, spreading joy with just a hint of dark mystery! - Laurie Filipelli ––– Harini Senthil Arasu Haiku A grey stone in the shadows Looks very much like a gravestone Maybe it is a grey gravestone. In the distance is a Moonlight Tower Not what I expected at all at all Tall is the tower, but n

Graphic Novel Session Two July 15-19 with Carolyn Cohagan 2019

These artists were BURSTING with energy this week. They wrote about dragons and hippopotamuses and tragic marriages and cookie monsters. And that is just a sampling of their crazy imaginations. Please enjoy their graphic novels below! - Carolyn Cohagan The Dragon and Cookie Monster by Emmie Aycock --- The Dragon and the Dandelions by Emma Finch --- The Little Hippopotamus by Willa Bingham Houston --- The Spaghetti Monster by Kassie Kercher --- Sad Dragon Story by Brooklyn Vasquez ---

Creative Writing with Carolyn Cohagan 2019

This was a really special week. All of these girls are SERIOUS about their writing and what more could an author/teacher ask for? We had intense discussions about plot and characters and what makes books disappointing and cliché. We chatted about heroes and villains and they wrote amazing backstories for both. They made each other laugh A LOT. Please enjoy their work below. Hair Glam by Maddie Davenport Stop right now. Look down at your clothing! If you are not wearing the newest hair: dress, suit, pants, or shoes, what are you thinking!? The newest piece of hair allows you to stay warm but still looks cool and still provides that safe look of vintage. All pieces of hair come in blonde, brow

Comedy Writing with Wendi Aarons 2019

Writing camps are usually pretty quiet, but not this one. Our humor writing class was filled with laughing, jokes, improv games, and a lot of fun. We learned satire, joke format, comedic pacing, types of humor, and how to take something silly or witty and put it on the page. Our biggest accomplishment was writing a parody song together, “Baby, You Were Fired at Work” to the tune of Katy Perry’s “Firework.” The kids were all creative and funny, but they were also nice and kind to each other, which plays a big part in feeling open and comfortable enough to write great comedy. - Wendi Aarons --- Ad Satire Inspired by Doughnut ad for grocery store: "Do Not Forget About Us!" by Willow Brown ––– K

Graphic Novel Camp with Carolyn Cohagan 2019

Graphic novel camp is always a blast, and this year we had the added bonus of a big boxful of comic books donated by DC comics in Los Angeles. The campers work was awesome from the get-go and I hope I get to work them again! The Wild Sushi-Fox by Harper Javery --- The Sushi-Deer by Asia Morshed The Tragedy by Sugar Sales --- The Taco Pandas by Nina Schuwerk --- Burrito Pig by Whitaker Sloan --- Donkey Fish by Dominic Tortorice Thanks to these crazy kids for a great week!

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