Making Graphic Novels with Carolyn Cohagan 2020

The graphic novel campers were extremely passionate this year and you can see their enthusiasm in their work. We had some challenges working on Zoom––I hated only being able to see their art from afar. I wanted to be able to see all the fabulous details they were including, but I know the parents got to appreciate the work in person. During the week, we did exercises that examined layout, color schemes, character expressions, and plot points. I am delighted with the beautiful work you will find below. ________ Lola Clifton –––––––––– Pickle Time by Zella May Ducayet _________ The Blood Sample by Millie Rose Haberman __________ The Panda Person by Willa Bingham Houston –––––––––– Everyone is

Writing the Novel with Carolyn Cohagan 2020

Writing the Novel was the first camp of the summer, which means it was everyone's first experience with an on-line Kids With Pens camp, including mine. I was delighted to find that these young writers were as enthusiastic as ever to create new characters and plots and to stretch their imaginations further than ever before. Some of these stories were inspired by a first line I supplied, some by a mysterious Marc Chagall painting, and others by a new world created by the campers themselves while in small groups. Each one suggests a larger story that could indeed be a novel, and I hope the writers will keep working on these fascinating pieces. The All-Seer by Sofia Avalos Sixty years ago, the f

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