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Canyon Vista Middle School

Adora W., Alyssa Zhu and Helen Huang

I write with these students privately every Sunday and what a joy they are to work with! They consistently surprise me with their depth and imaginations. Please enjoy a sample of their work below.


By Helen Huang

The truest thing is death.

The softest thing is the dream world between sleep and waking.

The most difficult thing is being the exact average.

The highest thing is a tower of hopes and dreams.

The bumpiest thing is the road of love.

The easiest thing is going with the flow.

The stickiest thing is a spiderweb of lies.

The saddest thing is a child trying to wake her dead parents.

The funniest thing is a contagious laugh.

The happiest thing is a child’s innocence.

The friendliest thing is a helping hand.

The flattest thing is a voice emptied of life.


The Truest Thing

by Adora W.

The truest thing is never true for everyone.

The softest ting is the fluff of a little puppy.

The most difficult thing is letting go of the past.

The highest thing is the mountain that an elephant stands on.

The bumpiest thing is the road of life.

The easiest thing is holding a grudge that means nothing.

The stickiest thing is maple syrup and honey mixed with quicksand.

The saddest thing is losing loved ones.

The funniest thing is thaying sings wrong.

The happiest thing is blowing up your troubles.

The flattest thing is ironed paper.

The friendliest thing is kindness.


If I Was in Charge of Canyon Vista Middle School

By Alyssa Zhu

If I was in charge of Canyon Vista, there would be a few changes that I would make.

First, I would make the passing periods longer. Some people have to go from the first floor to the third and might even stop at their locker. Everyone says that they make our schedule as good as they can so that we have the fastest route, but even with it we still can’t make it in just 4 minutes.

Another change I would make is how long our lunch is, for the people who order lunch, they spend almost half of their lunch period in line. And for the people in the back, they have like 5 minutes to eat. And if they have less time to eat they will rush, not chewing well enough and making it hard for digestion. And we also would need all the nutrition and energy for the rest of the day.

Also, I would change the number of holidays. Students need a break often in the Middle School since it is more stressful, especially for TAG (Talented & Gifted) kids. We get so much homework and less time to finish it.

All of these are things I would change if I was in charge of Canyon Vista, even though it will never happen.


Ego Tripping


Grace Chen

––After Nikki Giovanni’s “Ego-Tripping”

When I was born, time stopped for a second.

I threw temper tantrums that caused the earth to shake and storms to brew in the oceans.

When I laugh, a light breeze of happiness sweeps across the earth causing the trees to gently sway.

But when I’m sad, the whole world turns dark and gloomy as the grey clouds cause the sky to darken.

When I cry, my tears flood the lakes.

When I’m mad, volcanoes erupt causing the earth to tremble.

I can run at the speed of light and I am stronger than anyone who’s ever walked the earth.

When I sing, the whole world stops and listens.

Finally, when I sleep, the world turns calm and peaceful, and all your worries go away.

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