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East Austin Graphic Novel Camp

This week was the first ever Kids With Pens graphic novel camp, and we had a sensational time. The campers expressed emotions through color; devised self-portraits that included symbolic animals and plants; and found fresh and unconventional ways to tell the story of Hansel and Gretel. Their final projects, posted below, present characters who had to overcome some sort of challenge within the narrative. Please enjoy these campers' bold art, imaginative dialogue and original stories. And if you are in Austin from July 31-August 6, please visit Bennu Coffee (2001 E. MLK Blvd.), where you can see the campers' art hanging in their own show!!


by Evan Allbritton


Sloths vs. Goats

by Annabelle Boehm


Stickbob in a New Dimension

by Kaveen Chainani


Bob the Bunny Rabbit

By Uma Chainani



by Kaissa Doichev


Pian . . .oh

by Liam Harris


A Part-Animal Tale

by Asia Morshed


Snail Story

by Angie Simmons


Oscar's Dilemma

by Katie Simmons



by Treana Greene Vickery

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