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East Austin Kids With Pens (May 30-June 2)

We had a small but very lively camp to kick off summer 2017. Liam, Indra and Chiara wrote their hearts out, consistently keeping us on the edge of our seats with cliffhanger endings. I can't wait to see what these young writers come up with next!

The Web

by Liam Harris

Once there was a fully black spider who worked at the Empire State Building. It was hard working there. He had to sweep the floors, pick up the trash, and take pictures of visitors. But sadly, he didn’t have a web like all the other spiders did. He wished he had one, but his dreams never came true.

One day, he decided he would try to build a web. He tried his hardest but only made a tiny a one. The harder he tried, the better the web. He did his best this time and it worked! Oh no! His boss made him destroy his web! The spider got so angry that he retired and built a web far, far away. And that spider is the spider on the left-hand corner of my restroom ceiling today. He told me that he might go work at the Statue of Liberty.



By Chiara Kretzer

Once there was a spider named Spidey who worked at the Empire State Building. He had two jobs, one was to be the spider who fixes the air-conditioning and plumbing, and two was to be the spider cop (kind of like a security guard but bigger and better).

One day he was fixing the plumbing problem under a sink and he heard someone coming so he went low and kept quiet. He opened the cabinet door a smidge and there was a woman on the phone with a knife in her hand! He got frightened, stepped back two steps and BOOM!!! He bumped into some cleaning supplies and he realized he had to hide. The woman looked in the cabinet and saw . . . !

She said, “That’s funny. I could have sworn I heard something in here!? Ehh!?” and she went back to the phone. He listened to what she was saying. “I am so ready for this. I just can’t wait much longer. I have been waiting my whole life for this.”

He got so scared he scurried through the vent to tell the security.

“Security,” he said as he came out of the vent. “Help, help!”

“What is it cop spidey?” What happened?” said the security guard.

Spidey said, “Come. It’s the 2nd floor. Hurry!

Once they were up on the second floor they opened the door and there was a woman who just got off the phone and was holding a knife!

She said, “Guys! Guys! I’m sure I can convince you!”

“No,” said Spidey.

“Please,” the woman said.

“I was just trying to make some honey roasted turkey!”

Spidey said, “Then why do you have a knife and you were saying ‘I have been waiting my whole life for this?’ Why?”

“Because I have never made honey roasted turkey before,” said the woman.


They lived happily ever after.

The End.


Violet and Joan

by Indra Simmons

Violet was running. Why you ask? Because she was going to save Joan. Who is Joan? STOP ASKING QUESTIONS! Joan was an earthworm. Anyway let me back up.

One day Violet and Joan decided to have a picnic until a dog––What kind of dog? STOP ASKING QUESTIONS!!! Ok. Fine. A poodle came and ate Joan, so Violet ran to get Joan out of the dog’s stomach. How? STOP ASKING QUESTIONS! And I have no idea. As Violet ran, she formed a plan in her mind. She would jump on the dog’s belly and he will spit up Joan. Violet told the dog to roll over and he did. She jumped on him and he spit up Joan.

The End.


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