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Creative Writing with Carolyn Cohagan 2019

This was a really special week. All of these girls are SERIOUS about their writing and what more could an author/teacher ask for? We had intense discussions about plot and characters and what makes books disappointing and cliché. We chatted about heroes and villains and they wrote amazing backstories for both. They made each other laugh A LOT. Please enjoy their work below.

Hair Glam

by Maddie Davenport

Stop right now. Look down at your clothing! If you are not wearing the newest hair: dress, suit, pants, or shoes, what are you thinking!? The newest piece of hair allows you to stay warm but still looks cool and still provides that safe look of vintage. All pieces of hair come in blonde, brown, black, red, platinum, and now silver! Fashion has never been this simple. All you have to do is put the pieces of hair right where you want them and they will stick! When the night is over, all you have to do is pull them off. Now, I know what you are thinking. It’s too easy. It must be a trick, pulling the hair off must hurt! Well, I can assure you that it is this easy. It is not a trick and for pulling the hair off . . . well, beauty is pain!

So don’t wait a second longer. Get your hair glam today at or call 888-793-4521. Again, that’s 888-793-4521!


Something Different

By Maile Low

No one disputes that the new kid is weird.

Then again, all newcomers are unusual in their first days. Give it a couple of months and then they’ll fall into the crowd.

The classroom’s loud with chatter, until some guy with reddish-brown hair steps inside. There’s an aura of conflicting nervousness and confidence that speaks volumes––the way he holds himself and that shiny smile isn’t something someone like him should have.

The teacher gives out introductions. I missed the part about his name, though I don’t need that to already know him. I’m 100% sure that everyone including myself doesn’t need to know anything about him in general to figure out he’s definitely not one of us.

His eyes are the first clue: bright and glossy––not a hint of darkness or experience. Though not unusually, they lacked any cunning.

I gasped a little. In a place full of people who are powerfully violent, this was the first person to ever not have magic.


Princess Maddie

By Harper Maxwell

Once upon a time there lived a princess named Maddie Davenport. She was very spoiled and used to getting anything she wanted. As she grew up the King and Queen thought very hard about who she was going to marry, but Princess Maddie already had a prince she wanted to live the rest of her life with and she had been secretly meeting him.

At the age of 20, Princess Maddie’s parents showed her the prince they wanted her to marry. His name was Prince Gerald and he was in love with Maddie. Princess Maddie was very disappointed and angry at the King and Queen for choosing this prince and she told them, “I don’t want to marry him. I want to marry Prince Harrison!”

Her parents got very angry for that and her father replied, “You are going to marry Prince Gerald no matter what. Besides, Prince Harrison is already married!”

Princess Maddie stormed out of the castle and ran all the way to Prince Harrison’s palace. As we already said, Princess Maddie was always used to getting what she wanted so obviously she wasn’t going to let her parents or Prince Harrison’s wife get in the way.

To be continued . . .


The Tale of Candy Diamond

By Katy Schubert

Once upon a time there was a princess in Candyland. She was a witch and a magical girl. She wanted to control her powers so she could meet the other princesses of the universe. But her powers were very strong. She was clever, strong, and kind.

One day her father, the king, was caught in a territorial war with the Klaxxers. The princess was sent as a bride for the Klaxxers’ young king.

But the princess remembered she couldn’t control her strong magic because it controlled the universe so when was up close, her eyes closed, to her soon to be husband, she punched him in the face, running away as she freed her father. Her father and her ran away to their own kingdom in the sky. She smiled looking at the other princesses, the Diamonds, that came to give her gifts that created a crown.

Each princess smiled as they walked away. Each princess had jewelry of her colony. One was wearing pink. She was the youngest. She wanted a colony of her own so she asked the Diamonds and they nodded.


I Am From

By Lucinda Tedesco

I am from a place far from here only talked of by movie stars and hopeful parents.

I am from candy coated trees and saris made of silk my mother wears and cinnamon and almonds that I pretend to eat and my shoes going swish as I go to pointe.

I am from pin-striped and polka dotted neckties.

I am from “keep it up” and “accept new changes.”

I am from liquid lip gloss and ten out of ten math tests and tears, tears, tears and a little laughter and secrets.

I am from a pretty but dirty city.

I am from Jamilah with an H.

I am from.

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