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Graphic Novel with Carolyn Cohagan 2022

What a delight to be meeting in person again! I was over the moon to be seeing everyone's art work while it was being created. This session we had a time-traveling trout, a half watermelon/half dog, a space turtle, a gorgon, and so many other imaginative stories and creatures. Please enjoy the campers' final projects below! - Carolyn Cohagan

The Adventures of Time Trout

By Rye Anderson


The Adventure

By Willa Bingham-Houston


Space Cuties

By Annabelle Epstein


The Striped Wolf

By Caragh Farrell


Class President By Sasha Glakas



By Madison McGill


The Serpent and the Chick

by Elena Mentgen


A Texas Surprise

By Coral Pettiss


Watermelon Dog By Ana Santi


Foodie Tales

By Lulu Topkins



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