Graphic Novel Camp 1 (July 9-13, 2018)

This was our second year offering a graphic novel camp and the campers continue to love the opportunity to write AND draw. The camp culminates in a show at the local cafe, Bennu, where the campers can see their work shown in a gallery format. The workers at the cafe say it is their "favorite show of the year!" Enjoy the final projects below.

Bob the Goldfish

By Lily Black

The Gorilla, the Hippo,

and the Kid

by Treana Greene Vickery

The Notebook

by Kassandra Kercher

Panda and Dog

by Adele LeFlore

Lara Mells

by Anabelle McKaughan

No Tears Left To Cry

by Eleanor McKaughan

The Adventures

of Tommy Tyler

by Sedona Schlemmer

Gorilla and Hipo Smash

By Elijah Zachary

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