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Westlake Summer Creative Writing Camp

The summer kicked off with this terrific group of writers in Westlake. They tackled prose, poetry and plays all in five days! We had stories about a paperclip named Joe, an angry cookie named Chip and a resurrected boy named Derek---and that's just the tip of the iceberg. These young writers never failed to surprise and impress me with their incredible imaginations and endless enthusiasm.


by Alicia Chia

One day there was a cat named Oshnoc. Oshnoc was prancing around in his farm with his owner Derek. They spent lots of time together. One day, Derek got run over by a car. He got severely injured. Oshnoc was so very sad. Every day Oshnoc would go to the office and check on Derek. Until one day, that little boy who was only 11 died. So the day that Oshnoc found out that Derek was dead he cried for days. One day he had finally stopped crying. He made a grave and he was happy again but one day his grave wasn’t there and the boy was. Oshnoc was so happy to see Derek. They walked home together.


Dances With Flowers

by Meghan Chia

Milani was the best dancer in her tribe. She danced like no one had danced before. But every day Milani would disappear into the ancient forest and not return until sunset.

One day though, the chief’s son, Water Mill, followed Milani into the forest without her knowing. She walked forever it seemed but it in the end they came to a meadow with many flowers.

There, Milani put on the most beautiful dance Water Mill had ever seen. It was like watching the world become peaceful. Every day, Water Mill followed Milani until it was too hard to keep a secret.

Water Mill ended up telling the chief about Milani. And the chief said, “Show me.” So they both followed Milani to the meadow and when the chief saw her dance he cried tears of joy. The chief at the next big pow-wow said he had something very important to say. He asked Milani to come and stand with him. The chief said, “Many things have not been told, Milani. I have seen you dance in the sacred meadow. You made me cry tears of joy!”

“This has never happened before but today we will change your name, Milani, to Dances With Flowers.” Then the chief said, “Will you dance for us?” Dances With Flowers then said, “Of course, I will.”

The people cleared into a circle and let her dance. That pow-wow night many tears were shed, not tears of sadness though, tears of joy.

From that night on, Dances With Flowers was considered the best dancer there ever was.



by Liam Harris

Sir Bruce was a happy rat, walking on the side of the street and eating all of the leftovers. Then he saw bunches of leftovers in a jar. He ate all of the leftovers and grew too big to get out. All of a sudden the cork closed on him. The jar rolled down the street, fell through a drain and into the sewers. Fifty years later the glass jar broke and Sir Bruce scurried off into the darkness eating all the leftovers he wanted.


Narwhal World

by Katie Oddo

I woke up in the morning and I had a horn and a whale body. I was a narwhal. I can’t believe I am a narwhal. I don’t know what happened. I was sleeping and when I woke up, I was a narwhal. I was looking around my room and I saw my family picture. My family are narwhals too.

While I was looking around I heard my mom call me for breakfast. It was time for school and it was time to eat so I flopped down the stairs and into the kitchen. Mom was making me a fish omelet. It smelled good and it tasted good.

I heard the narwhal bus come to my stop so I shoved my fish omelet in my mouth and flopped out the door and into the narwhal bus. I saw all the kids at my school were narwhals. I can’t believe that I was living in a world of narwhals. I mean all the food had fish in it. Then I looked at the map on my narwhal phone. It said the whole world was taken over by narwhals and the world is called narwhal world. I can’t wait to see what school is like.

Then my mom woke me up. I was a human. I guess I was dreaming.

The End

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